Being raised as a butcher's daughter with a European background of sausages, cabbage rolls, deli meats and all those kinds of rich and fatty foods...feeling conflicted however knowing that I felt the desire to follow my heart.  I was inspired to grab my paper road map,( yes! you read that right😉) and drive to the "one and only" health food store in town to buy something called "nutritional yeast". The first veggie cookbook I opened up and explored was The American Vegetarian Cookbook by Marilyn Diamond excited to experience an abundance of new foods, flavors and new world of dishes. Being someone who loves to eat I was pleasantly excited and surprised!.  My passion was ignited, the dishes tasted so fresh, full of flavor and I felt light and energized.  Today after 30 yrs.. being 58 yrs young, I am in optimal health, waking up every morning feeling wonderful and grateful for the benefits of living a plant based lifestyle.
A lifestyle of compassion, which creates a ripple effect where we all win, our earth, our animals, and ourselves. 
Let's get started! I am excited to share with you the steps to guide you to start your journey and for you to see for yourself what is possible for your health and your life. 
It's as simple as EAT MORE PLANTS.
Ready to start cooking together? 

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